Saturday, 3 March 2012

I can't see you!

Fashion is about being seen right? Well there's bland here and there's plain there... so lets go a little bit ka-pow and add some fluro! I own a really cute pair of fluro pink hot pants, personally...when i bought them I thought they'd be strictly for around the house, but no... i rocked them out at the gym! At the time it was only because my usual plain jane black shorts were in the wash (i must have been on caffiene that week visitng the gym twice in a row!). A little yikes at first being so bright, but all the colour really got me going at the gym and not blending into the equipment was a bit of a confidence boost. So seeing as fluros and brights are in, why not give it ago and get out of drab...dress in colour for a change! I picked an awsome condition Abercrombie & Fitch top out of an overflowing rack in a op-shop right in the centre of town.

Featuring a very figure flattering cut, it will add a bit of boom to anything, even some plain old leggings! Perfect, a top to dress up them leggings but still be comfy (100% cotton and a bit of strecth can never do you wrong!). Why not go out on my limb and go fluro to gym? It will look super cute and sporty teamed with some 3/4 leggings and your best gym kicks!

And if you don't want to get it all sweaty...I remember an outfit i created once, back in my Senior years of highschool. A top, similar cut to this but green, paired it with an adorable high wasited bright blue skirt which i still own... and to top it off i necklace with a fluro pink whistle pendant! And i was scared to go to they gym in fluro pink shorts? =D Anyway i remember getting a huge compliment off the so called 'Queen Bee' saying that she loved my outfit and everything matched so well there you don't have to dress a bright down with something dark to neautralise it, dress it up with something just as bright and get a compliment you'll remember for years!

Dont forget if you see something you like, you can own it! I am listing all my picks on my ebay store up for auction! Just click on the picture and it will take you straight to it!

Now get out there and get fluro, dont forget about them safety benefits ;)

xoxo Melissa.Rae ♥

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