Wednesday, 7 March 2012

gone pickin'

So generally I pick things I love and would actually wear saying that i find it hard to give some of them up! Especially when they're brand new with tags! Remember that place I was telling you about that was practically a gold mine? well I found a diamond in the rough! I always loved 50s style pinup items and same goes for this cami by Kitten! It is 50% cotton and 50% polyester, plenty of stretch and a gorgeous tie back which is just figure flattering, as all 50s wear is...

It is white and pink striped, black with white polkadots for straps and around the bust. With a RRP of $79.00 I let out a little squeel in the middle of the shop...not so subtle considering i was the only one in there! I tried this baby on as soon as i got it home...and i liked it! Imagine it paired with a slimming black pencil skirt, BPL heels (thats black patent leather heels) and a nice sleek high pony tail! Yay!

Speaking of BPL is international BPL heel day 1st of April, get it in your calennder and represent pinup style!

If you want something a little more casual get into some mid waisted jeans! There a little more subtle than the high waisted and they look absolutely amazing paired with some cute suede flats! I personally love Bettina Liano "O" jean leggings... They are super stretchy, are a lovely true denim colour... they are pricy brand new but get hunting on e-bay because a pair is sure to pop up for a bargain!

Still embracing the 50s i have this great loose fitting bright coral tee! Snowballing on the casual feel team this this with some tights and flats for a easy fun 50s feel outfit... not to mention super comfy! I'd pair it with some leopard print tights and my fave black suede flats =D

Next time I'll have an amzing 100% silk dress, must check it out for that upcoming special occasion! If you like something don't forget you can buy all my featured clothes, keep my wardrobe from bursting at the seams!

xoxo Melissa.Rae ♥

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